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Welcome to Groda

Groda A.G.F. B.V. THE specialist in growing and marketing of fruits. Delicious apples and pears that retain their full flavor after the harvest, right up until the moment that the consumer tastes them. Groda is known for fruit that is widely appreciated by international buyers, such as retailers, packing centers, wholesalers and consumers. Besides operating on a national level (the Netherlands), we also operate in other European markets such as Germany, England, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, France and Spain. For many years we have also been active in countries such as Poland and Russia. Through our personalized service we always provide customized solutions with individual agreements. Our team’s decades of experience (since 1971) confirms this.

The marketing of fruits is Groda’s main activity. Do you have any questions about our services, our organization, the trade in apples or pears, or other aspects that our organization has to offer? Please contact us here.  We will contact you as soon as possible to answer your questions.